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My blog is currently undergoing major renovations. She’ll be up and running again soon – with a new look, a new direction, and stacks of photos for you to enjoy (and critique, because I’m always open to suggestions, ideas, and guidance!) Thanks for your patience! ~~Love and Light~~

Beach Hooper

This is me, looking exceptionally dorky but having a great time, dance hooping on Cayucos Beach, CA. I love beach hooping, but windy beach conditions can be very challenging. (I split my lip open once, hooping during a wind storm, so I’m qualified to say that.)

Beach Hooper

Laurel and Hardy

During a recent visit to Moonstone Beach (near Cambria, CA), we became acquainted with two very friendly (and very hungry!) squirrels. They were so eager to share our breakfast of trail mix that they scrambled into our laps, eating from our hands. It wasn’t long before they started arguing (hence, Laurel and Hardy) about who got the bigger share of the almonds, so I tucked away the remaining trail mix and announced that breakfast was over.
Obliged as he was, this little fellow did me the honor of posing for a photo op. I have a feeling he’s done this before… :)

Laurel and Hardy

10 Tips for Healthy Camera Memory Cards

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Are your memory cards feeling overwhelmed? Learn how to keep them healthy – and simultaneously prevent therapy bills.

Originally posted on Photofocus:

Memory Card Healthcare

Lets talk memory cards. We all have them, need them and use them. But what does it all mean? Lets discuss taking care of our cards and preventing potential problems that can and will happen to all of us. Here’s ten practical tips.

1. Keep your camera up to date. From time to time your camera manufacturer will send out firmware updates to your camera. Sometimes this can affect the way your camera talks to your memory card.

2. Make sure you replace batteries before your camera dies. If your camera dies while writing a picture to your card, it can cause a few issues such as corruption and card errors.

3. Don’t switch your camera off so fast. As with the same reasons above. If your camera is still writing to the card and and you turn off your camera, the communication between your card…

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