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Hiking the Superstitions, 2018


Sunrise Hike, Superstitions


North Rim, Grand Canyon


A New Addition, Salt River Wild Horses, 2016



Sixth Grade Rocket Launch


Sunset Hike, Sonoran Desert


Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona


Senior Photo Session, 2018


Senior Photo Session, 2018


Family Photo Session, 2017


Family Photo Session, 2017

It’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve spent a great deal of time photographing, hiking, and traveling – and telling myself I’d “write it all down later”. Every writer knows the foolishness of such thinking.

Here is a sample of what I’ve been doing lately – along with a solemn vow to myself to do more scribbling.

Superstition Rattlesnake Hike

Treasure Loop Trail, Superstition Mountains, 5/14/15

Treasure Loop Trail, Superstition Mountains, 5/14/15

One of the finest moments of my hiking adventures. I looked up and there he was, in the middle of the trail. He slid casually across the trail and partway under a bush, leaving his back half exposed along the rocks. From there, he merely studied us, flicking his tongue. What a curious little fellow. (“Little” isn’t the best word, as he was around 5 feet long.)

Superstition Snow

Superstition Snow DSC_0408Arizona rang in the New Year with snow in several unusual locations. We only received rain at our house on New Year’s Eve, but several of our friends in Mesa and Queen Creek reported snow flurries.

The next day, Raina and I set out to capture snow. She’d received her first “real” camera for Christmas this year, and was practically dancing around the garage, waiting for me to make sure we had all of our equipment. I’d received a new lens from Santa, so I was doing a little jig, too.

Turning onto SR 88, we realized our New Year’s Day outing was an extremely popular one. There were cars everywhere! This was not a problem, however, because it meant we could drive slowly, like everyone else, without irritating those behind us.

I did turn off the 88 shortly after passing the Superstition Springs Museum, to get away from the crowd. I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the neighborhood roads up there, both shooting and hiking, so I’m familiar with some non-gawker, ‘off the beaten path’ spots.

Raina had a grand time with her new Samsung, and got several glorious shots. She’ll be guest starring on my site soon. 🙂 She’s quite the composer, especially considering she’s not quite 11 years old. I had a grand time with Apollo, and came away with some decent captures, but I also realized I have some learning to do with the new lens. The lens itself (70 – 300MM Tamron) is fantastic, but some of my shots look “flat” – if that’s the correct descriptive term. I’m sure it’s user error, as I was too “mobile” to bother with the tripod. (Yes, I know – it’s a sin.) The shots in which I used the roof of my car as a tripod look much better. Duly noted.

Happy New Year to all!

Cayucos, California


A Post-It note serves the same purpose as a warranty, yes? Sold! For free!
We discovered this amusing appliance during a stroll through Cayucos, California. Cayucos is a tiny town on the coast, located about halfway between Santa Barbara and Carmel. We stayed there for three days during our California Coast Trip. If you aren’t familiar with Cayucos, you simply MUST visit. It’s a wonderfully friendly (and gorgeous) place. Bear in mind, however, that very few places are open past 8 PM. One night, we returned from our coastal adventures to find that everything was closed – except the liquor store. We made a hungry dash for it, since it was on the verge of closing, as well. We took our dinner back to the hotel and feasted like kings – on trail mix, Doritos, and a bottle of wine. Delish!

Ventura Beach

While on the Ventura Beach Pier, I watched this little girl (and her seagull) play in the waves. The seagull kept her company as she trotted in and out of the ocean, bringing shells and sprigs of seaweed to her father, who was camped out on a beach towel nearby.

Tempe Town Lake

DSC_2369Tempe Town Lake July 2014

A great way to clear one’s head after an argument with a loved one: strolling Tempe Beach Park, watching the slight ripple of the water, illuminated by the bridges’ lights. This is the old bridge, and it’s my favorite. Why? Because of its history, and lack of snazzy lights. This bridge stands in quiet grace, enjoying the show put on by its more modern cousins, while maintaining a simple beauty we so often overlook. Shot via Nikon, July 2014.

Chapel of the Cross


Chapel of the Cross, Sedona, Arizona.
I was raised in a religious home, and while I’m not particularly religious anymore, I am deeply spiritual. Places of worship – chapels, missions, cathedrals, temples, etc. – give me a sense of tranquility, with an extremely satisfying dose of history. As my portfolio grows, it will include my visits to sacred places in Santa Barbara, Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, and several other locations.