10 Tips for Healthy Camera Memory Cards

Are your memory cards feeling overwhelmed? Learn how to keep them healthy – and simultaneously prevent therapy bills.

Photofocus (old site)

Memory Card Healthcare

Lets talk memory cards. We all have them, need them and use them. But what does it all mean? Lets discuss taking care of our cards and preventing potential problems that can and will happen to all of us. Here’s ten practical tips.

1. Keep your camera up to date. From time to time your camera manufacturer will send out firmware updates to your camera. Sometimes this can affect the way your camera talks to your memory card.

2. Make sure you replace batteries before your camera dies. If your camera dies while writing a picture to your card, it can cause a few issues such as corruption and card errors.

3. Don’t switch your camera off so fast. As with the same reasons above. If your camera is still writing to the card and and you turn off your camera, the communication between your card…

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