Cayucos, California


A Post-It note serves the same purpose as a warranty, yes? Sold! For free!
We discovered this amusing appliance during a stroll through Cayucos, California. Cayucos is a tiny town on the coast, located about halfway between Santa Barbara and Carmel. We stayed there for three days during our California Coast Trip. If you aren’t familiar with Cayucos, you simply MUST visit. It’s a wonderfully friendly (and gorgeous) place. Bear in mind, however, that very few places are open past 8 PM. One night, we returned from our coastal adventures to find that everything was closed – except the liquor store. We made a hungry dash for it, since it was on the verge of closing, as well. We took our dinner back to the hotel and feasted like kings – on trail mix, Doritos, and a bottle of wine. Delish!


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