Tempe Town Lake

DSC_2369Tempe Town Lake July 2014

A great way to clear one’s head after an argument with a loved one: strolling Tempe Beach Park, watching the slight ripple of the water, illuminated by the bridges’ lights. This is the old bridge, and it’s my favorite. Why? Because of its history, and lack of snazzy lights. This bridge stands in quiet grace, enjoying the show put on by its more modern cousins, while maintaining a simple beauty we so often overlook. Shot via Nikon, July 2014.


Chapel of the Cross


Chapel of the Cross, Sedona, Arizona.
I was raised in a religious home, and while I’m not particularly religious anymore, I am deeply spiritual. Places of worship – chapels, missions, cathedrals, temples, etc. – give me a sense of tranquility, with an extremely satisfying dose of history. As my portfolio grows, it will include my visits to sacred places in Santa Barbara, Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, and several other locations.

Beach Haven 2014

Raina DSC_1894 San Diego June 2014

My daughter, dancing on Pacific Beach. She is a wonderfully cooperative subject when I’m working on new camera skills, and is becoming quite enamored with photography herself. During a recent visit to an arboretum, she insisted that we share custody of my Nikon. I’ve had a conversation with Santa about this…

Kids in Motion

DSC_7608 DSC_7787

Shot during our school’s recent Apex Fun Run fundraiser. The kids ran laps. I ran with my Nikon. (Okay, I walked, because I run like a drunken giraffe wears high heels.) They had a great time, and took their run much more seriously than I thought they would. I discovered that I have a class of wonderful runners – and that second graders can occasionally last an hour without drama. Impressive!